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Important Announcements

Even if you are registered for 6.02, you will not be able to login to this website until after the first lecture.
  1. We will be using Piazza for all course-related discussion this semester, including announcements.
  2. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the course information and policies.
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Course Calendar

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09/02Labor Day Registration Day Lec 1: Introduction to communication systems Rec 1
09/09Lec 2: Source coding Rec 2 Lec 3: Noise Rec 3
09/16Lec 4: Designing channel codes Rec 4 Lec 5: Linear block codes Rec 5 Student Holiday
09/23Lec 6: Syndrome decoding Rec 6 Lec 7: Convolutional codes Rec 7
09/30Lec 8: Viterbi decoding Rec 8 Lec 9: Coding Applications Rec 9
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Lecture Canceled
Rec 10

Quiz 1, 7:30-9:30pm
location: 34-101
Lec 11: Introduction to signals Rec 11
10/14Indigenous Peoples' Day Holiday Indigenous Peoples' Day Holiday Lec 12: LTI models: time domain Rec 12
10/21Lec 13: LTI models: frequency domain Rec 13 Lec 14: DTFT Rec 14
10/28Lec 15: Modulation, demodulation (Part 1) Rec 15 Lec 16: Modulation, demodulation (Part 2) Rec 16
11/04Lec 17: Matched filtering Rec 17 Lec 18: Computational constraints in signal processing (DFT + FFT) Rec 18
11/11Veterans Day Rec 19

Quiz 2, 7:30-9:30pm
location: 34-101
Lec 20: MAC protocols Rec 20
11/18Lec 21: Packet switching, queues Rec 21 Lec 22: Routing protocol basics Rec 22
11/25Lec 23: Analyzing routing protocols under failures Rec 23
Lecture Canceled
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
12/02Lec 24: Reliable data delivery Rec 24 Lec 25: Sliding-window protocols Rec 25
12/09Lec 26: Congestion Control Rec 26 Lec 27: Digital Communications: End-to-end
Final Exam, 1:30pm-3:30pm, 4-370