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Getting Help

Piazza: We'll use the 6.02 Piazza forum for most discussions regarding the course. You'll be added to that forum within 24 hours of registering for the class.

Office hours: Office hours are a time for you to get one-on-one help with a member of the course staff. We'll begin holding regular office hours on 9/8 (or perhaps earlier), and will aim to accommodate all time zones. Once we've set those hours, you'll be able to see the schedule here.

Additional: HKN offers tutoring for 6.02. If you feel that you would benefit from individual tutoring in addition to our own office hours, please contact them.

Extenuating Circumstances: If you have personal circumstances that are affecting your performance in the class, please get in touch with Student Support Services, and then with Dr. LaCurts. We will work with you and S3 to come up with a plan.